ARLEE Winter Storage Stock-up - Oct 30

Store ARLEE Winter Storage Stock-up - Oct 30

100 LBS OF PRODUCE FOR $100 Pickup in Arlee. A credit card of fee of 2% will be added to all orders.

This share is no longer available.

Harlequin Warehouse - 72664 Heart View Ln Arlee MT

Stock up on storage vegetables to make sure you have got the essentials all winter long!

CHOOSE what's in your share. Your share will be open for customizing October 19th thru October 27th at 6pm. You will be sent an email when the customization window is open with instructions on how to customize.

The Tentative Default Share this year will be:

20 lbs yellow storage onions 5 lbs sweet onions 10 lbs carrots 6 lbs beets 1 lb roasted red peppers 23 lbs winter squash (approx. 6 squash) 6 lbs pie pumpkin (1 pumpkin) 18 lbs of unwashed* mixed potatoes 2 green cabbage 2 lb tomatoes.

If you are unable to pay the full amount to reserve your spot, please contact us about paying a deposit at