Cancellation Policy
If you would like to cancel your account please send an email to harlequincsa@gmail.com at least one week before your last share. You may use up any remaining funds in your account by ordering additional produce or purchasing produce at Harlequin's market stand as we do not issue cash refunds.

Holding Policy
If you will be out of town or cannot pick up your share for whatever reason, you may put your account on hold by logging into your account and electing to 'hold my account' by 6pm on the Sunday before that delivery date and your account will not be charged for that week. 
If you have paid in advance for the CSA season the amount for that week's share will be credited in your account and can be used toward future add-on purchases or at the Farmers' Market.  If you have chosen recurring billing, you will not be charged for that weeks share. 

Missed Pickup Policy

It is your responsibility to pick up your share on Wednesday during the listed pick-up hours.  If you miss your pickup during the allotted window, we cannot guarantee the availability or quality of the contents of your share.  We do not refund, replace, or give credit for your missed share.  If you miss picking up your share during listed hours, your site host is authorized to donate your items to either an organization or family in need.   If you know in advance you will not be able to pick-up your share you may place a hold on your account by 6pm on the Sunday prior to the pick-up date or contact us to make other arrangements to pick up your share at the farm. 

Substitution Policy
The weekly produce list is a forecast that we predict will be ready by your CSA drop date.  In the case that we do not have an item due to weather or another reason, we reserve the right to substitute another produce item of our choice. We will not credit the original item. 

Service Agreement
I agree that if I choose to pay per delivery, my card will be charged initially upon sign-up, the Sunday evening before each delivery, and for any additional produce I add-on to my share.  I can put my account on hold at any time by logging in to my account and electing to 'hold my account' by 6pm on the Sunday before that delivery date and my account will not be charged for that week.  If I am paying per delivery, I can end my deliveries any time throughout the season by giving one week notice via email to cancel. If I choose to pay by check/cash, my deliveries will not begin until my check/cash is received in full.

Privacy Policy

Harlequin Produce will never sell or share your information with a third party. However we will use the information you provide to communicate with you electronically and through mail about the CSA and Harlequin Produce news.