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Winter Storage Stockup  
 100lbs for $100! 

The winter storage vegetables can be stored with minimal to no processing and can last until March if stored properly.  
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Missoula Winter Storage Stock Up - October 21st customization window will open from October 12th - October 18th at 6pm

Arlee Winter Storage Stock Up - October 30th customization window will be open from October 19th - October 27th at 6pm

Add-ons are available to order now for ALL Winter Stock Up customers. Make sure to select the "Winter Stock-Up Add-ons" category below.

Our Missoula locations are full! Guarantee your spot in our Winter Stock Up NOW by signing up for the Arlee pick-up on October 30th.

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ARLEE Winter Storage Stock-up - Oct 30

100 LBS OF PRODUCE FOR $100 Pickup in Arlee. A credit card of fee of 2% will be added to all orders.